Erniza & Ahmad Rabbany Wedding (my lovely sister)

oh well, its been a while i didn't put some effort to publish new post. It is because i don't have any idea to say or to share. So, while I was going through some old photos in my laptop over the weekend, luckily i found that I'm not yet post any pictures of my lovely sister's wedding. Owh god!!the wedding was happened 3 months back.. hahaha.. the best part is she is pregnant already and i'm going to have a niece/nephew (hmmm, to early to know the gender).. Congrats to both Iza and Bany( my brother in law).

Ok, back to the wedding.. Here, I present to you photos of their wedding that happened on 31st May 2009 and reception on 6th June 2009.

All the pictures during her solemnization day.. :)

Iza's wedding ceremony on 31st May 2009

During her reception at Dewan Sivik PJ

i hope its not too late to wish both of you "Congratulation on your wedding!!".. hahaha.. Huggies... XOXOXO


Clarisse Teagen said...

I love Weddings :)
Pass the message to your sistah . .
Congratulations on her wedding.

Fad & Ina 's Blog said...

thanks sure'll do....

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