Honeymoon.. Phuket Island @ 15/17/5/2009 (part I)


Again, as we promised you all.. For the following week, we went to Phuket Island for our 3rd hoenymoon. Wowwwee, two times of holidays in one month! We went over the weekend. We had tonnes of fun and I took loads of photos to share with you.. :)

This picture was taken at LCCT while waiting the calling for boarding..

Our boarding pass a.k.a ticket

Fad acting so excited for this vacation

Buzzying fill up Declaration Form before touch down at Phuket

The nice and fascinating view of Phuket Island from inside the aircraft. it was 5 mins before landing

At the Phuket International Airport upon arrival.

Yea.. yea.. get ready for the new world of Phuket!

Honeymoon... Singapore @ 8-10/5/2009


Finally, i got some time to throw my hand writing in this blog after ignored it for a couple of weeks. Alhamdulillah, thanks to god that we had successfully passed our marriage life for about 3 months with a lot of joy, happiness and bless..

so yeah!! along the journey, we managed to enjoy our amazing 'honeymoon' period by visiting Singapore and Phuket Island.. Wooo hooo!!!

Actually, the point of we went to Singapore is about to deliver my sis wedding's card to most of our relatives there. Like pepatah melayu said "sambil menyelam, minum air".. so, consider it as our 2nd honeymoon lah.. hahaa..

So anyways,I got a lot of photos which i've been keeping to myself. I decided to share with you..

Starting taking typical tourists photos of Singapore from inside the taxi

The streets are clean of litter and the buildings seems new

Since the environment was so clean and the weather so-so, we decided to walk from our hotel to the mall nearby

Take a breath at the T-junction

Hmm.. i think at this time we lost our way. My lovely sister left the map in our hotel

Finally, we managed to reach the Tiong Bharu Plaza. The nearest mall we able to reach since we are sooo hungry!

Last option @ Mr. Teh Tarik with 'halal' sign.. we ordered Mutton Roti John, Iced almond, Iced Milo Dinosaur and Iced Teh Tarik.. Nyam.. Nyam!!

We decided to take a taxi to send us back to hotel.

On the night we planned visiting Orchid Road

Heading to Orchid Road

Pity to my sister.. always been used to take our 'poyo' acting photo

Take a snap in front of Lucky Plaza

Orchid Road is a busy tourist town

The Street was soooo long..

The Singapore landmark that we are able to find. Nice..

At the Front Harbour Front Centre.

The backview of Sentosa Island and the Cruise

Waiting for the Bus taking us home to Malaysia

The Aeroline Bus. Its cost is only RM 99.00 which cover comfy sofas, lunch, tea, cookies and pillow. You should try!

One of the menu..

Bye-bye Singapore. Till we meet again next time

i had an awesome time in Singapore, and I hope you have a great time watching at the photos too. Next week I'll be leaving to Phuket Island for our 3rd honeymoon..


Enjoyable Trip

Just got back from phuket last Sunday...it was a great,enjoyable and memorable trip...there a lot of places both of us visit...and a lot of beautiful scenery...

The trip did help us freshen up a bit...away from the stressful of works and busy of city life....

Will be posting picture soon..depends on my wife if she has a time...maybe we also include our trip to singapore....


Tomorrow early in the morning both of us will fly to Phuket for our second honeymoon in a year.....well its just our luck that we receive a cheap package from one of my wife office mate...

Hopefully our trip will be an enjoyable and unforgettable ones...and of course i hope all will be well as we know the current situation in Thailand....just pray for it...

Well that all we will post our holiday pictures soon...just wait...


Our Blog visitor had reach the 5000 marks...we would to thanks all the visitor and frens whom had support our blog...keep supporting us...thank you very much....

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