Honeymoon.. Phuket Island @ 15/17/5/2009 (part I)


Again, as we promised you all.. For the following week, we went to Phuket Island for our 3rd hoenymoon. Wowwwee, two times of holidays in one month! We went over the weekend. We had tonnes of fun and I took loads of photos to share with you.. :)

This picture was taken at LCCT while waiting the calling for boarding..

Our boarding pass a.k.a ticket

Fad acting so excited for this vacation

Buzzying fill up Declaration Form before touch down at Phuket

The nice and fascinating view of Phuket Island from inside the aircraft. it was 5 mins before landing

At the Phuket International Airport upon arrival.

Yea.. yea.. get ready for the new world of Phuket!


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