Honeymoon.. Phuket Island @ 15/17/5/2009 (part III)

Salam.. hye guys.. welcome back!! as i promised to you before to post some more pictures throughout our 3 days of honeymoon there..

on the last post, we end up our story at Wat Chalong Temple the famous Buddhist monasteries. then, we took our journey to the Kinnaree Elephant Trekking. It is such a wonderful experience, we never expect riding an elephant can be so much fun and different from whatever we have rode before.The price for 30 minutes ride is 800 baht (RM80), not cheap indeed. But ok lah, new experienced..Well, sitting on an elephant was a bit scary at first, but it was all OK.. So guys, you should try!!!!!!!!!.

Some of the memories... :)

Then, we continue our journey to the Snake farm and Cobra Show.Very interesting place!! Here, we got the opportunity to watch many types of snakes. The best part is, we get the chance to watch the "King Cobra" show. Awesome!! The show also provides knowledge about how to react when you find snakes..

From there, they then brought us to Karon View Point.Once you are up here, you are able to have a paranomic view of the spectacular and very beautiful beaches of the Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beach.

Only then, after almost half day of journey.. they brought us to our hotel for check in...

Been Long......

It's been week since our last blog....both of us busy with my wife sister wedding last week went back to muar to be anchor man and women for the wedding and this week we had attend on the man side....

If my wife had a time she will blog about her sister wedding...

Well today is quite busy day for us..a bit tired of working..so want to get some rest later....

Honeymoon.. Phuket Island @ 15/17/5/2009 (part II)

Hy guyss.. As I promised. here are some more photos exclusively for you.. More pics to come, so keep checking okay!!

Once we reached at the Phuket International Airport, Mrs Tan which supposed to be our tour guide was already there waiting for us. she welcomed us with a huge smile and greetings.. She brought us for a half day tour around the Phuket Town. Wow!! the town was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.. Seriously!! So we walked around and took a lot of pictures.

As usual, photos taken from the bus headed to the Phuket town.

First destination, they brought us to Gems Gallery. For sheer choice this place has everything, displayed in a huge air conditioned show room.They carry most things but specialize in diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and topaz.They manufacture, wholesale and retail. unfortunately, we are not allowed to take pics during our journey inside the gallery. What I can say, the Gems was quite cheap compared to the one selling at our country. The quality, hmmm.. thumb up!!!.

The only pic we managed to take

Next stop, they brought us to the Sribhurapa Orchid. It is actually the first Cashew nut factory in Phuket that has developed since 1943.. Here, we bought some cashew nut for kunyah2 at the hotel nanti..

For the next visit, we went to the Wat Chalong. This is the place you must visit. There is a saying among Thai tourists that if you are visiting Phuket but have not yet set foot in Wat Chalong, then you have not really arrived on the island.

Wat Chalong is Phuket’s most important Buddhist temple and is the biggest and most ornate of Phuket’s 29 Buddhist monasteries.The architecture is typical of Thai temples and the design emphasizes bright colours.As with many temples, Wat Chalong is visually quite dazzling. The murals on the temple’s walls are particularly interesting.

Finally, I managed to share with you half of the pics from about 3 hours of our journey.But I promise you to post some more of the pics soon..I hope you enjoy it.. Bubbye..


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