wedding preparation.. (1 month backdated issues...)

waaa... seems like when my husband is not around, the idea to write the blog comes without control... huhu...

well, this story is about 1 month back. I, just want to share with you all guys my wedding preparation on the night before our solemnization day. It is quite a hectic day for me and family since the night is the only time left before the ceremony begins! we all together packed the goodies bags, souvenir, chocolate, kerepek (the traditional junk food) and etc... Alhamdulillah, we manage to complete packing almost 1000 bags on that night.. owh, that is the most exhausted nite ever..

anw, thanks to all my sister, papa, mama, aunties, uncles, cousins and relatives. They are so kind and helpful giving their last hand for me. Here are some pictures to share with you all... :)



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