I feel lonely when he is gone.. :(

huhu.. its been a long time I'm acting as a 'sleeping partner' and just watching around my lovely husband put his so much effort bring our blog to life.. the truth is, he is very core hard work in doing blogging, clicking all the advertising appear in this blog and willing to spend his whole day of time in front of the pc.

Hhmm... (sigh), he got to work today for night shift where i can only meet him tomorrow night.. owh, i feel so lonely and i miss him so much! sayang.. i wish you were here this time.. :( haha, its so funny when you are started to feel missing when he is gone!! otherwise, at this time we used to keep arguing over and over again all the general issue drag up to our house rule restriction (non-smoking area, cloth hanging zone, surfing time allocation etc) where the fact is he seldom break all the rules.. haha.. owh, he is so cute when pretending not guilty for breaking the rules .



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