yeah, the meeting adjourned at 5pm.. its been a long day having meeting with DCA discussing about System Design Document (SDD) to which the project i'm handling now. the project is basically about to develop new radar station at Sibu and Tawau and to integrate the radar data to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu as well. yeah!! its a very interesting project.

some more, currently i have no idea about all the civil work and i need to cop up very fast all the scope of work since the project is running very fast. i don't want to be the person who left behind... i am very lucky to have a bos and partner who is very patience teaching me all the process along the way.

now, i'm just fill up my time in this fascinating room (awana) while waiting for dinner time with all the DCA Officers. to my fiance, i miss him so much. i will be back tomorrow.. c u soon sayang!


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