Family Trip to Jitra

Last 2 week my in laws planning a trip to Jitra,Kedah because my new monther in law relatives had a wedding receptions......for the record now i have 2 mother in laws...lucky me...i got 3 mums...anyways the trips was canceled as my father in law had just got back from hospital as he should be resting....

So me and my wife went back to Muar to visit...him..quite a tiresome driving, i just finished my night shift...but accompany by my lovely wife i had the strength to drive all the way back to Muar...

Later that evening my in laws told me and my wife that the plan tripped to Jitra will be continue as my father in laws felt later that evening me and my wife went back to Shah Alam to get some things that are left there......

Around 7 pm me and my wife drove to Sg Buloh R & R to meet up with my in laws....after had a light dinner we continue our journeys to Jitra it took about 5 hours of driving..we arrived at the hotel about 1.15am...we arrived on Friday18th Dec.......had a good sleep.....

On Saturday we had breakfast near Pekan Rabu.....and later we drove to Padang a lot i bought Man Utd jerseys...well not original ones of course.....some it been while since i shops for clothes or pants....

In the evening we went to try out the RFC and also had a 'Sup Daging' at another place....the soups was nice...spicy typical northern soups...On Sundays went to new grandmothers and went to my mother in law relatives.....get to know my new relatives.....Before we went home we stop by in Penang..hope a ferry to Penang Island.....went to Komtar but nothin much that evening..had our dinner at stalls near the Ferry Jetty on the other side of the Island....then went back home...

Its quite an enjoyable trip even though its tiring...but a get together with family is the best things...if i had time i will post the pictures.....


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