Second Shot

Today my wife and daughter had an appointment with their respective doctor monthly check ups and follow up. While my wife went to meet with her doctor, mua..accompany our lovely daughter to meet with her doctor.

Today my daughter had her immune second shot she cried for a while but stop after i held and calm her. She's strong as her mother. Well next month will have another visit with both doctors.

Just for information finally we manage to be in the new DEMC (Darul Ehsan Medical Centre) building nice environments and settings.

Only another 2 years can try the new room. How will the room rate be its the same or difference..a mystery to be solve...nah!! it easy just need to get the info from the hospitals actually not a mystery at all..just kidding.


Amy said...

Congrats on the newborn! She is so pretty from the pictures!

Babies seem to go to the doctor a lot, don't they? It's just one check up after another the first year and then suddenly they tell you you only need to come back once a year.

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